2009 Retirement Quilt

2009 Retirement Quilt
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

6 months later

I fell on March 6th, and was out of work for 8 weeks. I couldn't sew at all and that was very frustrating. When I returned to work in May, I had to make a decision about the quilts for school. I decided to try to make them for all the retirees for the district. At that time the list was around 15 quilts by June 25th. I started to collect information about the people. The list eventually grew to 22 and then 24 (the last two people will get their quilts in September). Yesterday was my presentation of the quilts to all of the retirees and it was impressive. All the retirees were so pleased with what I had done with the information collected and turned into a personal quilt. Peers had signed the backs of the quilts making them a gift from all of the teachers to the retirees. I love making these quilts. I basically made 17 quilts (some around lap size- some smaller) in less than 2 months. 4 quilts were made by a friend and co-worker of mine. One quilt was made by two other teachers in the district.

This year we tried making a template that could be used with different fabrics making each person's quilt unique. Next year we will continue to work on this procedure so that more people can help with these quilts.

I would love for you to see these quilts. I hope my attempt will work. I can make this type of quilt for retirees, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, friends, engagements, remembrances, any occasion you can think of. These are personal quilts using novelty fabrics. They can be make in different sizes but most are wall hangings.

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